man do I love mannheim

all photos shot with a fujifilm x30

I haven't written a post in a week which is like twenty years in blogger time. Hopefully you all remember who I am. If not, you're probably already confused enough, so I'll spare the (re) introduction.

In my defense, I have spent the last week running around the internet like a madwoman because LONDON ON MONDAY. (And this weeks episode of Empire was really good, so I got a bit distracted.) I'm so excited to finally see the place everyone automatically assumes I'm from, and to properly binge out in Topshop + LUSH Oxford Street. Topping that, I'll be hanging out with ALL OUR BRITISH FAVES. The photos will be endless (please make sure you are following me on instagram, it will never be this interesting again). I'll be there all week, then two days later, like Drake, I'M GOING HOME.

I spent last week with my family in Mannheim, just hanging out and eating a lot. On Saturday, we went to Heidelberg, where we, in this order:

1. Visited a 900 year old castle that had a grotto and apple strudel.

2. Used a selfie stick at a massive tourist landmark and were looked at very strangely. This is how it is now people.

3. Wandered into the old town, and had a cappuccino that was thissss much coffee and THIISSSSSS much whipped cream.

4. Got the best french fries I've ever had. I then proceeded to spill them down my sweater, which turned out to be convenient because...

5. I looked up, and thERE WAS A LUSH WITH CHRISTMAS LUSH STUFF. I know I work there but I still get excited, ok?

6.Got on the wrong train, and used the next hour we spent on it to observe that every boy between the ages of 12-25 in Mannheim has the same haircut. It's a thing.

We spent the last day eating ice cream that it was much too cold outside for but #noregrets. I also honed my "packing a weeks worth of outfits into a carry-on" skills which is great because Ryanair + their luggage policies/prices are thieves of joy, money, and style.

 (JK Ryanair baby I still love you + your 15 euro fares)

x J

ps. Yesterday, something incredibly tragic rocked not just Paris, but the whole world. Read my in-the-moment reaction to it on MTV.  

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  1. That sounds amazing! And your pictures came out so good too!!

  2. Sounds like another beautiful destination! Have the time of your life in London!


  3. Did you take off on holiday from school?


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