we went back (and forth) | #BTSS with Simon Malls

photographed with a fujifilm x30

Okay, confession: For someone who likes clothes as much as I do, I don't like shopping. There, I said it. Especially back to school shopping. Changing rooms, no snacks, and it's usually just you and your mom arguing over the wash on your new jeans. But I decided to make a leap for Teen Vogue's Back To School Saturday at my local Simon Mall - the Great Mall. 

 The Great Mall is one of the biggest malls on the West Coast, so I got myself some solid backup -Adam volunteered as tribute, and KT was a surprise. The #BTSS event itself was held in the center of the mall, so everyone got to hang out and get flash tats, eat cupcakes, and talk back to school style. (I don't have the photographic proof  but just know that I look good with gold glitter palm trees on my neck.)  They had several talented hair stylists and makeup artists working double time showing off quick looks you can put together when "five more minutes" turns into "an hour late". (As styled on KT, because we all know what happens when you take the bobby pins out of my hair) We also went on a little spree around the mall. Or at least through a quarter of it. I honestly have no way to describe the sheer SIZE of this mall. There are enough outlets for the entire planet. I brought Adam because he has great hair, but then his use as a shopping bag carrier was quickly called into play.  The good news is that theres a million Starbucks and a Chipotle so you can be fully charged up. I'm going to go back with a map and about three more people.

Honestly, the coolest thing about this event was talking style with so many different people. Other than the other bloggers, there were a bunch of teenagers just ~doing their thing~, and each one of them had a different way of expressing that. Even just through the wash on their jeans.

Also, this was the day I got my selfie stick. Instagram was never the same. 

x J 

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  1. this ?? was months ago but look it me

  2. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  3. I really need to visit this mall :(

    Also. I love to shop! Especially by myself. Do you not like to shop in general or just with other people?


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