carrying the game

shirt / H+M
backpack / c.o fjallraven
sunnies / zerouv
mophie / c.o mophie
earbuds / happy plugs

Yes, that is a baby bottle of sriracha behind me.

So you know when you go into  REI and you immediately feel slightly poorer and less fit than you were before you walked through the door? Same. But lets be honest, I'm not out here trying to climb the Andes. The cultivated streets of Western Europe aren't exactly a place where you need protein bars or foldable mountain bikes. (That's a thing.) So in my further efforts to YouTube, I made a video about my travel gear.  After watching, I've decided it's less "travel gear" and more "life gear". Just add wi-fi and you're set for school. 

It's been nearly a month since I left home, and I still feel like it just happened. I think when you do something sort of drastic like this, there's always the part of you that's like "what?! what?! what's happening right now?". But then it's also like "OH GOD I GO HOME IN 60 DAYS?!" You're in this weird time limbo where everything is starting and ending all at once.  With that said, something else is about to end: my childhood.

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GET TO SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN A VOICEOVER. Jokes though, I'm just turning 18. In exactly one week, I'll be in Vienna pretending to have suddenly gained infinite amounts of wisdom and the ability to understand taxes.

So I guess I'll be a real adult after all? 

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x J

PS. if you don't watch the video you won't see me getting hit with a book.

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