can you see the light

 So ONE of the things I did in the last few weeks was run around LA with Element Eden and shoot photos in their Summer 15 collection. You'll get to see everything soon, but here's a sneak peek. This dress is one of my favorite pieces, mainly because it's velour cheetah print. That's right. Velour. Cheetah. Print. Just let that soak in. This was the last outfit we shot, but it was by far my favorite location: the LACMA. If I'm being completely honest, I didn't even know it existed outside of ~youtuber location world~.

Fun fact:  I learned that saying the sentence "I'm not as great at climbing poles as I should be" will always illicit mutterings from strangers, even if you are literally surrounded by massive light poles and your mum.

 x Justina

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  1. love the look!!! gorgeous!


  2. these are great shots! I'm totally digging that dress too, its everything a girl could ever ask for!!


  3. wonderful dress, wonderful photos! I can't wait to see more!



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