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minimergency kit c.o. pinch provisions

In this post I will single-handedly answer two very important questions.

1. What do two exhausted State Ambassadors look like after three days in Tahoe?


2. Why is Justina always prepared for the moments in life we all wish we were prepared for but never actually are?

To answer number one, see above photos. Sallie was not a willing participant in this photoshoot but she has a Pinch Provisions kit too and I thought ours looked cute together and that we looked cute together and maybe our cuteness could overshadow our sleepy eyes and topknots.

Let me tell you, my little set has never gotten a workout like it did this weekend, and that's how we get to answer number two. The basic premise of Minimergency kits is pure genius: everything you could ever need in a little bag that's smaller than you would ever think possible. It's sort of like Mary Poppin's carpet bag. The only thing that's NOT in it is...um..well, I'm sure I'll come up with something. Maybe. If you want to see EXACTLY what "everything" is, you can click here. I managed to save one knee, three nails, and several conversations. As an extremely life-accident-prone person, I have decided that a kit in every bag is the only way to go, and then just to be safe, made sure everyone else has one to. Hence Sallie. You can also get them for your guy humans, your almost-married humans, and most importantly - your dog. Rex has been on me for ages to get him one.

Speaking of dogs and people who like dogs and are therefore great (smooth. real smooth.) THE GOLDEN GLOBES ARE THIS WEEKEND. I can't watch because I'll be on a plane and planes do not take into consideration important things like Amy & Tina's "last" time hosting the Golden Globes. It's extremely disappointing. You will all have to watch for me and then tweet me any extremely important moments that come up. Also anything involving Matthew McConaughey, as there inevitably will be.

The longer I look at these photos, the more I feel like I need a nap.

x J

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  1. Those kits look so cute! :3 Your posts always have the best writing :)
    <3 Katie


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