let me guide you to christmas: a gift guide

I sound like a liar but I promise it's the truth - I love giving gifts, even more than getting them. Finding someone that perfect thingIt's usually something they didn't even realize they wanted until they saw that you had it and tried to steal it. That's how you know it's perfect.

In the spirit of proper gift guide making, I did what Oprah does it -
 I had a bunch of other people suggest things they love. Then I veto'd them all and picked things I love. It got pretty long, but let's have a little breakdown:

1: Dogeared necklaces are the fastest way to show the love
and this Buddha brings some extra happy karma.


3: If you live on the Best Coast, you can buy friendship with sunglasses.

4: My pink Casio is a statement piece, but gold is a perfectly matching classic.

5: Stella & Bow studs are the perfect basic to build an ear party with.

6: Girl Boss = girl (and boy) bible.

7: Minimergency kits are the perfect gift for that person whose entire life is an emergency. 
*cough* me *cough*

8: You know that one friend who refuses to get on twitter but comes up with perfect one-liners?   
Get them a Leuchtterm 1917 notebook.

9: The greatest gift you can give anyone is a good set of earbuds. Trust me and Happy Plugs. 

10: Boring sneakers are boring, get leopard print Vans instead.

11: Sunny Dushanka backpacks are the solution to style vs space.

12:  Benetint is always a benefit. (I'm sorry)
This list actually goes on for ages, you can check it out here.  I'll also be updating it constantly until Christmas, because fresh finds ya know.
Don't forget: the best gift you can give the people you love is a happy loved one, 
so get yourself some presents too. (Airtight logic)

x Justina, Santa in Training

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  1. Great christmas guide, the miniememergency kit sounds amazing

  2. hahaha, lol, "santa in training"! how cute :D


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