justina's thoughts from the american music awards


The funniest part about the American Music awards is that the biggest winners of the night were British. 

As you know, I love live-tweeting award shows + forming opinions that get shared with no one but my mum and my dog and YOU. You lucky duck. 
 So in no particular order: 

 1. One Direction's "Night Changes" set makes them look like they're waiting for The Great Pumpkin.
 2. Sam Smith just blessed us all with the gift of his voice. 
3.  I can go get snacks whenever there's a category with One Direction, because they're going to win.
4. People try to throw shade at Nicki, but she just killed everyone and brought them back to life.
 5. yo yo yo one direction, imma let you finish, but lorde has the best hair of anyone in that building
6. Is it a requirement that every boy band member has to wear jeans ripped at the knees?
 7. 5SOS are the new Australians on the block. Soz Iggy. But not really.
8.  Jessie J is the only person alive who can work a unitard like that.
9. Diana Ross is an absolute legend.
10. I'm glad I'm finally on board with Taylor, because it'd be really exhausting trying to not like her.

Missed opportunity: Calling it "The 2014 American Music Awards feat. Pitbull".

x Justina

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  1. Lorde's hair is practically its' own person, it has that much presence :) And yeah, ubiquitous Taylor love :) "Waiting for the Great Pumpkin" had me falling on the keys laughing. Now my keyboard hates me :) xoxo

  2. These posts are so funny XD I love all the points you made :)
    <3 Katie


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