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My new favorite Sabrina Carpenter blew into the music industry with a fun EP, a bigger voice than you'd expect from such a small person, a chiller attitude than you'd expect from...well, anyone, and FANTASTIC hair. She blew onto this blog by picking the right Avenger (this is a very important fact, and you should ask anyone before you consider being their friend)

Justina: You're a new artist, and people are just now discovering you. If you could say one sentence about yourself or your music to every new person who heard one of your songs, what would it be?

Sabrina: Oh gosh, that's a hard one.

I thought I'd get those out of the way first.

Definitely, it's a good question for sure. I want them to relate to it, that's the most important thing to me, because I think once you can emotionally relate to a song, there are no limits. That's what I love about music, that when I'm feeling sad I can listen to a song, or when I'm feeling happy. That's just what music does for you. It changes emotions and really inspires people. 

..gosh, that wasn't even a paragraph, that was like a research paper.

 It's all good, we can just make it a couple of run-on sentences. Speaking of music making you ~feel~, what's your favorite song to listen to when you're happy?

Oka, so I'm obsessed with Hozier's whole album, but "Jackie and Wilson" is a really good one off it, and I've always loved the song "Paris" by Magic Man. Off my EP....see, I have to perform them, so I try not to listen too much because I never want to get sick of them. But "Middle of Starting Over" always gets me going. 

Thank you so much for admitting that you would be over it after a while. I feel like no one wants to say that but we all know it's true. 

I used to listen to them all the time, like in the car and stuff, but now I'll listen to it more when we're rehearsing, so that's when I get my "listen time" in.

If you could make a song with anyone, dead or alive, your music style or not, who would be your pick?
Yeah, well, you know I've said Adele is like a vocal goddess to me.


Yesss! So I would do one with her, and as a boy, I've absolutely fallen in love with Hozier's voice, and doing a duet with him would just be so beautiful. 

I am praying for the day Adele comes back to us.

She needs to come out of hibernation, because I NEED my Adele.

How would you describe your musical style and your personal fashion style, and how those sort of mix together?

Well to someone who doesn't know my music: it's very organic, it's very raw, which is almost the same thing, but you know, it's got different feels to it. I'm a huge fan of a lot of different genres, I like to listen to alternative, indie and classic rock, so on some songs, you may hear R&B, others you may hear a little bit of country, in some it's a little alternative. I think the best way to describe it is that I sort of blend everything I like into one. I'm very passionate about it, so I hope that people love it.

I do! So you know for sure there's one in the corner.

Haha yeah! My personal style changes a lot, I like to try just new things, but I would definitely describe myself as a classy, sophisticated edge, if that's not weird. If I can just wear a band tshirt and ripped jeans, I'm down with that too.

I wore a nice dress and Dr. Martens for the Teen Choice Awards, it was great.
You are too cool for anybody.

I try. I really do. But your music videos have me beat, they're awesome. How long did it take to shoot "Can't Blame a Girl For Trying"? It seems intense - laborwise.

One day, actually. 

One day?!?

 Yeah, it was actually simpler than it looks. We were only there from the morning until like 4 or 5 in the afternoon. You can't tell, but it was like the rainiest day in California when when filmed, but it's beautifully sunny in the video, because of the lighting, which was brilliant. We filmed in this small little house, and we didn't have to go anywhere, so it was fun, and not too hard at all.

I really liked it because it was a little different, and that's what I need, something I haven't seen.

Oh my gosh I know, that video definitely wasn't like my everyday style, which was fun, because it was a style for the song. It matched very well, and was bright, colorful, and almost dainty in a way. 

*I have, at this point, completely lost track of where I was on my question list *

I'm sorry, I just completely lost track of where I was on my question list.

It's okay, I literally woke up like twenty minutes ago. 

Dude SAME okay we're in this together.


*finds where we rambled off from*
OKAY we're back. What would you say is your biggest source of ~inspiration~ in general?

I would say definitely more random things inspire me, because if you stick to one thing, you're going to run out of topics eventually. I take inspiration from anything in everyday life, whether it's a relationship with a boy, or a favorite book. When something comes at me and I can't stop thinking about it, that's when I know it's a good writing topic. Especially visual things, like movie plots or photographs.

 What's your favorite social media platform?

If I was stuck with one for the rest of my life - instagram. I love twitter, but instagram moves faster for me. I love that you can see so many different lives.

I will follow you RIGHT now. And now, because I know my time is ticking, FINAL QUESTION:
What is the one question you have always wanted to answer but no one has ever asked you in an interview?

Oh my gosh. That is so hard. Well, fun fact about me is that I've always wanted to do an action movie. I really want to play that kick-butt, super tough girl superhero. I think that'd be super fun.

Superheros are my not-so-secret favorite thing. Don't even ask my friends about prom. Who is your favorite Avenger? 

Again, HARD QUESTION. I'd have to say...Ironman? 


Sabrina has an album coming soon, but her EP Can't Blame A Girl For Trying is out now, so get on that.
 You can also follow her on instagram (her hair game is too real) and twitter.
 you can also follow me 
or not whatever it's fine 

Can't blame a girl for trying

x Justina 

ps. listen to that hozier album

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