instant summer with fujifilm

all photos taken with an instax mini 8 on instax film, courtesy of fujifilm

wow that's a lot of photos, 
and this is just a summer-y summary 

hahaha a summer-y summary 
see what I did there

At the beginning of summer,
 I decided to consciously document the months in Instax photos. 

So I packed up my little camera and took it on all of my adventures.  
You'd be surprised how heavy that thing gets after a couple hour. 

 These are just a few of the hundreds of photos I took, each a special little moment that I get to keep forever. I keep them all up on my wall and love that by looking at them, I can automatically remember exactly who I was with, what we were talking about, 
and what I was eating.

From the top:

a. The California State Fair.
 I ate way too many Bavarian Almonds, talked about 4-H to every human who walked by me, learned how to properly program a robot to walk the thin line, and then conquered my fear of Poppy The Bear (State Fair Mascot) and HUGGED him.

b. Paul Smith
I can't get over this building. It's so pink. The walls are so massive. Sallie took this photo of me taking photos of it.

c. The Tower Theatre. 
You know the story behind this one. My mum and I got yelled at for taking it but 500% worth it.

d. Alfreds Coffee.  
I love this place so much and it was made even better by the company of my main bae Sallie. My drink order hasn't changed.

e. Portos' Cafe, 
with the aforementioned bae. 
GET THE PINA COLADA SMOOTHIE. Just do it. Thank me later. 
Also saw, selfied, and had a lovely conversation regarding overalls 
and red carpets with Greer Grammer.

f. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk
People pile on the sidewalk with my favorites at the 2014 California 4-H State Leadership conference at approx. 11pm. We're the best dressed hobos in town.

g. Beverly Hills.
 (duh) With all my trips to LA, I had never seen this iconic sign. It was everything I wanted it to be, and I met two of the most glammed out humans I have ever see, who were wonderfully French.

h. The Griffiths Observatory
Not really the best place to take chances with gravity, but what a beautiful view. This is the very best place in LA to explore European languages, because there are more Europeans there than in Europe.

i. Beverly Hills. 

 j.  Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  
Believe it or not, this was my first time ever, and I decided to do everything. I got on the sketchiest rollercoaster I saw (cried off my eyeliner - totally worth it), ate bavarian almonds again (still freakishly good, still not a great idea), nearly lost a Doc on the chair lift, 
and laser tagged the people I love.

Summer is nearly done
and winter is coming
(or whatever version of it we get in california)
but thankfully, Instax photos aren't limited to sunshine.

How do you capture your moments?

x Justina

ps. speaking of capturing moments:
Today as in Monday.
If it is not Monday, 
you are late. 

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  1. Great mood board!


  2. What a great collection of pictures! xx

  3. amazing blog honey! I've watched also the videos and wow are great:)
    follow back if u like mine..
    kiss from Milan

    Patchwork à Porter

  4. the photos look great! I would love a polaroid but wouldn't like to carry round something so bulky

  5. I love polaroid photos... Also love the retro vibe... Such a nice post :). x

  6. I LOVE the Fujifilm Instax cameras! They are so fun to play around with and the colors of the images are so amazing!

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE


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