justina's thoughts from the emmys

woke up - flawless

I have never watched the Emmy's before, 
so I had zero expectations, which was good, 
because it was a bit slow. 

HOWEVER, there were some really good moments. 

Including a gentle reminder that we are nothing but molecules hurtling through open space.

So now, in no particular order, my thoughts from the 2014 Emmys:

1. (before the show has even started) Why isn't Amy Poehler hosting this?

2. We don't really need to read the other nominees if Breaking Bad is at all involved in the category.

3.  Forget man buns, man braids is where it's at. Who is he?
 (It was Cary Joji Fukunaga)

4. Okay guys Modern Family wasn't THAT funny.

5. New writing strategy inspired by Game of Thrones: 

6. The secret to Matthew McConaugheys eternal youth is in his tan. It has to be.

7. I predict "None of Us Will Ever Make As Much Money as Kim Kardashian Did For Her iPhone Game and Other Truths as Told By Jimmy Fallon" will make the NYT Bestsellers list.

8. Does anyone actually watch The Big Bang Theory or is that just a long running joke?

9. Why am I never on the same street as Billy Eichner?

10. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are the ultimate Hollywood Bromance
 and should stay together forever.  #TrueDetectiveSeason2

11. Ricky Gervais is everywhere and I am shocked and alarmed about it.

12. Jessica Lange is pretending she didn't know she was going to win that award 
and I am laughing because she definitely did.

13. Andy Samburg should have been Jofferey from the start.

14. Aaron Paul should always win awards, just for his speech.

15. When I was little, Aladdin was my favorite movie, and Genie was the greatest character in the world to me. I must have watched that masterpiece of a Disney cartoon hundreds of times. 
The Robin Williams tribute was a proper goodbye to a free Genie. 

Seriously though,
Beyo-I mean, Amy Pueblo should definitely host next year.


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  1. My reaction, to almost every one of your comments on the emmy awards: YES.
    Anyways, loved this!


  2. Loved this, so unarguably correct and true! danidid.blogspot.co.uk


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