music monday//queen of the cover

I am really unclear on how I feel about "Kesha". 

I mean, she seems cool and all, but...
where is the glitter? 
The gold tooth? 
The dollar sign?!?!?!?

However, I'll give her all of the gold stars for pulling it together 
and putting on her big girl mick jagger inspired menswear.

I'm really interested to see where she goes with this new version of herself.
since I'm assuming she won't be hitting the city feeling like p diddy.

Or will she?


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  1. Beautiful post, really interesting! Have a beautiful Tuesday dear! <3

  2. I loved Kesha with all her glitter and gold but I think I will also like her new image. She seems very confident and I can't wait to listen to her new music! :)

    Fashionably Sparkly

  3. Loved watching that video. We are super excited to see where kesha is headed as the new her!

    xx 365hangers


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