junes tunes // playlist

 This one is a bit late only because I have
 had THE hardest time narrowing down my favorites.

It seems like some of the best music pops up around the summer,
 and I always rediscover old favorites making playlists for pool parties and barbeques.
I put a Hilary Duff song in one yesterday
A couple of the names on this months' list are fairly unknown, starting with AJR. 
They're three brothers out of New York who make all their own music, and make it well.
 I'm 500% obsessed with their song "I'm Ready".
 I'm ready for more music boys
We've also got some standards (is there a Macklemore song I don't love? I think not.),
 and some old stuff from newbies like Rixton. For some reason, all anyone knows of them is "Me and My Broken Heart". My heart breaks for anyone who hasn't seen the hilarious video for Make Out, 
the original viral hit made viral by other viral hits.

The one I'm most excited about though is Pills and Potions. 
People have been messing with Nicki Minaj for ages and she has executed her Great Return. 
This song really shows off something I've known she had all along: mad skills.

So open up your spotify 
and swing from some chandeliers.





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  1. I also love International smile by Katy Perry <3. Such an amazing song! x


  2. Such a lovely blog you have!! Really nice post too - I love SIA at the moment too! x


  3. Lovely song.

  4. im so excited for nicki too, she's such a great talent and i love her sense of style. not afraid to take risks! so inspiring

    xx hersilvershoes

  5. Such a great list and we're loving pills and potions too! Can't wait to listen to the rest :)

    xx 365hangers

  6. I'm loving pills and potions too, so good! xx


  7. White Walls & Pills n Potions are my summer favorites as well!!
    I love your taste in music (and everything else)!
    xx, Imogene

  8. I've been ADDICTED to Empire by Shakira!!! I love playlists, thanks for this one sweetheart x



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