who are you sitting with?

 "You can't sit with us" bangle c.o stella & bow

"That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets."


The babes at Stella & Bow know me so well. 
This piece is from their Mean Girls collection and
 I want all of it. 

How to catch a Justina:  
combine gold and her favorite movie.

I love how wearing it sparks the "Mean Girls Story".
 Everyone has one.

"Oh my favorite quote is..."
"You know that scene when...."

It's awesome how a movie can impact so many aspects of our culture,
 from film to fashion.

Expect a more detailed thought process on this April 30, 
which is not only the 10th anniversary of our favorite clique,
 but a Wednesday.

"I'm totally Regina George."


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