what I love about you

In honor of the day that I think should be used to celebrate what we love (not just who)
here is a list of 14 things I love:

 1. french fries
2. 4-H
3. airports
4. twitter
5. fur coat hugs
6. song Skype sessions
7. strong wifi connections
8. tumblrrrrr
9. polaroids
10. my friends. but only the ones I love.
11. lists
12.when the thing happens where you put your ipod on shuffle and it just plays the right song
13. sari pants
14. yoooou 
(oh you knew it was coming)

14 1/2.  February 15th, discount chocolate day.


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  1. Cute post - love valentines day because its nice to be positive and happy :)


    Florals & Corals

  2. That picture of you is so pretty!


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