snap that // fourth sunday of christmas

photo taken with fujifilm instax mini 8 c.o. fujifilm

forget clever rhymes, CHRISTMAS IS IN TWO DAYS


I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not ever have a white Christmas
 and am making up for it by taking a large amount of polaroids of palm trees.

you might have snow but you haven't got weird trees

 and in the holiday spirit...

I am giving you a baby.

That's right.
The final Sunday Of Christmas present is....

A brand new Instax Mini 8 Camera + film!

I can already hear you itching to take lots of gloriously artsy little snaps, 
so here's how this is going to go down.
 1. Make sure you're following me on GFC or Bloglovin'
2. Follow Instax on Twitter and Facebook.
3. Leave a comment with your name, email, the country you live in, and what you want for christmas!
 for extra entries through out the week, 
make sure you're following and watching my instagram + twitter!

You have until next Sunday (12/29) to enter, so get cracking!

'tis the season to be Justina fa la la la la la la la la


ps. Check out Fujifilms' awesome giveaway here

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  1. Hi babe, my name is Gaby, I live in Mexico and all I want for christmas is youu
    also the instax mini 8 it's pretty cool, lots of love x

  2. I live in the U.S! And all I want for Christmas is clothes, and a camera (preferably the Instax Mini 8...)

    Camille ( jamandcookiesblog@gmail.com )

  3. Hey Justina, it's Isabelle! I think it is so cool that you are into the who fashion blogging/youtubing thing...I remember when we opened a 'hair salon' during recess at Montessori. That's the first thing I think of when I hear your name! I live in South Korea now, and it would be really great to win an Instax mini for Christmas!

    My email is: imisabelle@gmail.com

  4. Hey hey girl!
    After basically responding to every single one of your tweets (if you haven't noticed, I've started only replying to every other one to ya know, come off as less weird and stalkerish. Is it working? Who knows...), I thought I'd finally pop by over here and show you some love on your blog! And, to be perfectly frank, the sound of a Instax camera may or may not have also reeled me in. ;)
    So, *coughs nervously* here goes nothing...
    My name is Alice! I wish that I could live in a palace! I don't have any malice and I sure do love Dallas (the place)! I'm from the lovely United States and on my Christmas list is *ahem, prepares to launch into monologue* way too many things, among which include and Instax camera, some cool glasses, more clothes to stuff into my messy closet, and a new friend in the form of an attractive young man with a British accent, preferably a prince willing to whisk me off to his palace. I won't be too picky about that last gift though haha! :)
    I've done everything as you've commanded, your highness *bows down with a flourish a la all those butlers in princess movies gosh darn it I watch way too many of those* and am now keeping my fingers crossed for future successes. Best of luck to everyone else entering!

    The SEAREX

  5. My name is Katie, we've only met once but i love you ok. I live two hours (a lifetime) away from you in the US and for Christmas i want to go have a movie day at yours *sigh* welp okay yes i should have a new camera to take many many photos of us when we have our fashion shoot xo

    Katie (katiemitchell81@gmail.com)

  6. Hey Justina! My name is Anastasia and ever since I saw that issue of you in Teen Vogue I've been obsessed with your blog (and your hair). I live in England and for Christmas I would like a pair of silver doc martens and I was actually contemplating buying myself a pink instax mini 8...
    By the way, I don't have facebook but I can do everything else (:


  7. My name is Aerin
    My email is aerinagyei@gmail.com
    I live in London, England but I used to live in San Francisco
    For Christmas I want to not be forever alone... oh and a instax :)

  8. Hello. My name is Sophie MacMillan. (sophiemac97@gmail.com) Can I just say that I love love love your blog! I mean when I am crunched for time I make sure your blog is one of the ones I make time for, that and The Man Repeller. So basically your up there with Leandra Medine. Anyway for Christmas I am asking for clothes of course but also a canon camera. If I get it I would have a great variety of cameras and I would love to add a polaroid camera to the mix!

    Thanks for being you (and also your giveaways)

    If you want to check out my blog... http://theadventuresofs.blogspot.com/

  9. Hey there! It's Maia again! I'm from the US (yeah Uncle Sam n stuff woo hoo) and all I want for Christmas is for my grandpa to feel better :) My awkward email is: ilikecheese80@gmail.com
    Thanks Justina!

  10. Ooh I've been coveting one of these! My name is Rowena. I live in the US and all I want for Christmas is a gold iPhone 5S. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. Hey, my name is Grace and I'm from the USA: twenty minutes away from Boston, if we're being specific. Ever since you were in that Teen Vogue spread I've had a minor obsession with you (Every time you mention me on Instagram, I get real' happy, dude.) and your blog, and I really admire how ambitious you are. I'd love a camera for Christmas, or money to add to my camera funds. My email is gracyy221@aol.com. Thanks!

  12. Well hi im lizzy an from MERICA (american USA) lol i live in the one state the practically cheats winter as always an where the climate is more pms-y than a white girl on her period without chocolate or starbucks. If you havent guessed is Florida. anyway for christmas i just asked for mula (money) to buy one of these beautiful children (aka the camera+film) and obv some clothes and more shoes like yours! because i love your shoes and i love topshop shoes so ya feel? anyway i just basically asked for mone. but um ya thats it im not sure how to end this but its whatever. my email is (if the odds are ever in my favor an win) lizzyodie@yahoo.com (funfact my last name is odom but my dad used to call me odie after the dog in garfield+it had the same first 2 letters so its not all that bad)
    but ya really hope i can get this an love the blog as always xoxo -A (jk) (maybe) (ive confused myself) (ill leave you to it) (this probably sounds like a tryhard) (ill stop while i have some faith in myself left)

  13. Way cool! Count me in. I'm always up for playing around with a new camera. I actually have a camera lens on my Christmas wishlist to go with my Canon Rebel T3i! :)

    -Hannah, USA

  14. I was actually hoping for a polaroid camera! So this is actually perfect! That or either a clarisonic mia because my face is in dire need of a good cleansing! Those were the only two things I had in mind for christmas! (:

    Jenny Lang, USA
    my email is: jlang45044@gmail.com

  15. All I want for Christmas is for it to snow. (I feel your pain, since I live like 25 minutes outside of Sacramento) A new camera lens would also be nice, or a break from AP homework. :D

    -Olivia, USA

  16. Merry Christmas!!! All I want for Christmas is lots and lots of clothes! Oh and maybe a fujifilm camera! (spoiler alert: I got the clothes but not the camera.) Anyway I hope you and your family are having a lovely Christmas, I've loved seeing your instagrams today!

    Thanks so much for being you and having an awesome blog!

    sophie (sophiemac97@gmail.com) (http://theadventuresofs.blogspot.com)

  17. Courtney, astyleblogofsomesort@gmail.com, USA, and G by Guess star-printed high tops

  18. hi justina! this is a great contest-thanks for hosting it! hope you had a very merry christmas xx
    shannon//atlasaddictsubmit@gmail.com//united states//i wanted a copy of essential rumi {which i received!}

  19. Hey Justina! Well, I saw your piece in Teen Vogue one day and I thought " who is this girl with an awesome blog name, funky hair and amazing style?" So then I went and checked out your blog. Needless to say "A Bent Piece of Wire" has been added to my favorite toolbar. Yeah so my name is Olivia (livvybrowndiva@gmail.com), I live in the U.S. and for Christmas I want the blog fairy to plop a creative blog name in my head because that would be pretty cool.

  20. My name is Olivia and I like long walks in the snow and scouring thrift stores for vintage clothing. My embarrassing email is livvybrowndiva@gmail.com. I currently reside in the land of cheeseburgers and Lana del Rey #USA. For a late Christmas gift I wish the blog fairy would plop a creative blog name in my head (because that would be cool) and a Instax mini so the fairy and I could take selfies. May the odds be ever in my favor.

  21. my name is Anny, i hope that the gift is orders from your blog, thank you very much.

  22. Holler Justina !!

    tbh, i'm feeling a bit lonely being the only one not living in the big U S of A who has entered this comp ( lonely... i am so lonely.. ) anyways, I'm from Australia, my friend who won your other thingo told me to check this one out since i'm a complete camera + photography + fashion fanatic. My name is Olly, my email is red_dotti@hotmail.com ( don't judge )
    Although Christmas has already happened, All I wanted was to skype with my sister who is across the world, some 35mm film for my favourite camera, and some pana chocolate ( you should check it out, super fab )

    I hope you had a magical day with your fam bam xx

  23. Madeline Weinstein - sequinsandchic@gmail.com - UK/America (I study in jolly ole England but I am in the USofA for break!) - Otter Wax and gold knuckle rings! (otter wax you use to wax your jeans and make them look like leather it's pretty magical...)

  24. Hello lovely! It's Angela (your long lost friend from a land very far away called CMP). I live in the US as you already know and I would absolutely love an Instax mini for Christmas...even though Christmas is already over. I also asked for bongos, a kitten, and a plethora of guitar picks. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and full of glitter!

    My email is: Iamoremusica137@gmail.com

  25. Hey! My name is Carmie and my email is carmie.basnight@gmail.com. I live in the states. For Christmas, I wanted to go to Europe sometime soon (which is supposedly happening this upcoming summer!), but I'll have to settle for a trip to the thrift shop for now. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  26. Hello Justina, my name is Storm ( nahjawashington@gmail.com ) I live in America and for Christmas I wanted a journal and books (:

  27. Hello Justina my name is Nah'Ja ( nahjawashington@gmail.com) I live in the us and for Christmas I wanted a journal and books. Hope you enjoyed your holiday and the gifts you received as well

  28. Hi I'm Alijah and my email is dtfbieberandmb@gmail.com and I live in the United States of America. For Christmas I wanted a new MacBook, some craft supplies, and a new tiara. Hope your holidays were fab! And I hope you have a great new year!


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