an open letter to beyonce

^ Beyonce reading the "ARTPOP out NOW" tweets

Dear "Yonce",

Everyone is freaking out 
because you've been being sneaky and just dropped an album with a ton of songs on it, 
with out telling us
and you made some questionable videos for each one
with a ton of supermodels and tiaras
 and the whole things reeks of Kanye to me. 
 donda, anyone?
Is this what he was talking about all those years ago
(best. vmas. everrr.)
 Speaking of, 
you just totally wrecked another one of Taylors moments because 
who is caring that it's her birthday today now? 
No one.
Happy Birthday Tay, here's a gift certificate for iTunes..
OH LOOK the whole iTunes homepage is BEYONCE'S FACE. 

You know Miley's mad, because you just out twerked her and her album. 
I actually think she wrote a song for this occasion.

Rihanna is somewhere laughing and plot- er, planning the 18th video for her next album.

  I did appreciate the casting of Shaun as a pageant coach, 
he's having a moment and that was definitely a highlight.
 Also, you have the best workout gear.  

Overall, you did good. Great, even. 
I'm pretty sure you just took all the nominations for everything. 

Got those.
Own 'em
 So much.

If you were wondering, my favorite song so far is "Pretty Hurts". 
Accurate to a painful degree.

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  1. Love this post, really made me laugh! You're right she totally stole Taylor's thunder ha! <3

    Sophie xo soinspo

  2. Ahhahahah great post! OH beyonce she really is the Queen of it all! Poor Taylor HA Yonce is my fave so far x

  3. Yes! But I'm not exactly a fan of Taylor or Miley so all power to you Yonce!


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