stars and sequins and status updates

 you wish your dog was this snuggly

I was trying to be creative and artsy while celebrating the new purchase of a tripod 

can I get a hallelujah up in here

 It mainly worked until the wall which I was leaning against was connected to the floor that had Rex's food/water on it and he decided he wanted to get at that.

gosh dog, no appreciation for art

But I think that really, deeply, subconsciously, I just wanted to write a post. 
It's been forever, hasn't it? 
I  do apologize, but I did make this youtube video.

During my radio silence 
(why do we say this, radios are never silent?) 
                                                               I have been productive.

Coming this winter to the only A Bent Piece Of Wire there is

1. Lots of new-things-that-may-or-may-not-be-polished-up-versions-of-old-things
2. The 2013 A Bent Piece Of Wire Awards (no statuettes, but possible candy)
3. Me wearing the same sweater multiple times while attempting to pass it off as a different outfit.

How excited are you?

Get the hot chocolate machine in order, 
it's about to get real.


note to self:
What do you call a person who is pro at alliteration? 
Must figure out asap and have ribbon printed to present to self.

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  1. I seriously love this blog so much, all of your posts bring me so much joy! Loving the glitter and your dog. Can't wait for what's in store xx

  2. Those stars are divine <3 Beautiful top too :-)
    Have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award on my blog ;-) xo

    Sophie at soinspo

  3. These photos are perfect - almost no one could pull off the stars, but on you they look amazing!

  4. Ooo, an awards show!
    this could be exciting. :)

  5. Lovely sparkly and glittery look! Those stars
    are cute and love the sequin top! Xx


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