instant gratification

 yay huburts * sulley wishes he was as scary as me* future home* yes I'm that tall* 
this dress * carslandcarslandcarsland* THEY MAKE GLITTERY EARS* it glowed. that's all.

I love this camera like a child. 

As I have previously mentioned, 
I have wanted a mini instax since B.o.B released his "Airplanes" video. 
'sup 2010
When Fujifilm offered me one to review,
I burst into a celebratory dance moment to the song

It was completely worth the wait. 
This camera is everything I hoped it would be. 
I initially was worried that the shape
(it's the Fat Amy of cameras)
 would make it a  bit cumbersome to carry around, 
but it's actually super light, 
and easy to slip into everything but a clutch. 
Or if you're not a purse person,
 and have strong faith in thick pieces of string, 
there's a wrist strap for you to precariously dangle it from.

 The prints are adorable, and turn out way clearer then I expected. 
They're the perfect size, and more rectangular than square, 
which is good for shooting stuff like people  and castles and ice cream cones.

I took it with me on vacation, and so can vouch for it's Justina-proofing. 
I dropped it,
several times, 
 in a pile of sand, 
on a boardwalk,
into a palm tree.
don't ask. 
The plastic shell a. absorbed it and b. was really easy to clean off.

The only thing I had an issue with was the settings
 but that was more due to me being a bad judge of high sunlight v. low sunlight
I think it's really cool how polaroid cameras have evolved in the important ways, 
while still retaining what makes them a classic. 
They've also come fast and hard as an "old" thing 
into fashion blogging, which is a relatively new industry. 
Even the way the camera looks takes it from being just a tool to making it an accessory. 

It's an amazing way to capture moments and make them physical. 
You can look at a print a week later, a month, a year, and it all comes flooding back: 
the sounds, the lights, the laughter. 
It's a special kind of man-made magic.

Now I just wish I could work some magic on my wallet. 
The one true con of this camera is that the film is rather pricey, 
                                            running for about $13-$20 for 10 color prints.
 I recommend factoring in at least two "practice" shots.
(see: settings)

To top it off, it makes a really satisfying "rrrrRRrr" noise while it's printing your photo.

Total package.


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  1. Such cute pictures! I really love those kind of cameras as well and wish I owned one :)
    Have a great week


  2. Lovely pics girl!

    X Laura


  3. It was my birthday and I actually got one of those cameras! It's my baby, I love it so much and you are right, the photos come out much better than you'd expect xx

  4. omg the rrrrrr sound got me, it's the best thing ever. love all of your photos, I love the colours in the prints xx

  5. Love the photos, I NEED film camera! xx

  6. i love your little Polaroids here! i have a similar camera to this, and it's so fun!

    lindsey louise


  7. LOVE this post! http://britishmermaid.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. These photos look so cool! I'd love a camera like that, shame the film is so pricey though xxx

  9. I have a camera like this and it's expensive to buy the film. But the pictures always turn out so cute.

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin / Check out BASI

    Cassandra | Backtofive

  10. i love all of these vintage looking pics!! xxx



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