tilt your head and smile

 (shirt: asos|overalls: vintage)

so I had to take my school id photo, and basically
"the absolute fact of the matter is that not a single human being on this planet looks good in their student id photo so you should probably just give up"

This is basically what those horrid photographers are actually saying when they say 
"Tilt your face towards the light please! Smiiiiiiile!"

they do not care if you smile
they do not care if you tilt your face to the light
they do not care at all
they come and attack your carefully cultivated hairstyle with a little plastic comb that promptly gets stuck and/or snaps into several small pieces

they make you sit in front of the red back round even though you wanted turquoise 

 they tell you it looks "perfect!"

it does not look perfect

it looks like your face is having some sort of attack

but at least you end up with a really interesting id.




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  1. Haha, you are so right. No one ever looks good in a school id photo. I always hate mine. Love the flower crown. xx

  2. Lovely headband! Looks great and I love your hair as well :) You have a great blog, we have just started following and love it! Maybe you would like to check us out and follow back?

  3. Oh, I always hate my school picture! I love your flower headband, so cute~


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