There Are Shiny Things In The Dark

 dress: c.o. mee mee | shoes: doc martens | necklace: c.o. wonderland wishes

 Rex just sort of snuck into that last one

My initial plan was to be super edgy-california fabulous and photograph this outfit in In n Out, but then my fries arrived and....



But it was too good of an outfit to be wasted, so at 11pm, I went out  in my backyard with a flash.

and several non-repeatable words because I kept tripping in badger holes.

I am quite happy with the results, they remind me a bit of Lana Del Rey in her early days.

big hair, almost happening career

I have wanted a t-shirt dress like this for ages, but couldn't ever find the perfect length/color/shape.

Then, like purple magic, this dress landed in my life.

I have a long torso, and am sort of tall, so skater dresses are usually never cut properly for me
 and give the impression that I stole the dress off a five-year old. 


this dress is perfect. The length is spot on, and it's so soft and gently structured. 
It's a great basic piece, and is really easy to twist into different looks.

Of course, for it's first featuring, the docs had to come out. 

My beautiful, shiny,
Dr. Martens.

I hadn't worn them in a while because it's been so hot, but the minute I put them on, I remembered why I love them so much.

They. are. so. comfortable.

I was springing around like a lunatic all night.

It was a wonderful vacation for my feet. 

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: 

If you ever do anything for yourself, buy a pair of Docs. 

You can thank me after you lace up.

My "Cursed" necklace is probably one of my favorite accessories,
 it's sparkly and very eye-catching, although not the easiest to read.

 All night, people were staring at my neck and squinting.

"Does that say "crushed"? clown? caramba?"

I'm over my purple phase now..

I'll only say goodbye with words, you'll still be in my closet a hundred times

So you, you just hang there
I'll..go..baaaaaack to...



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  1. I can't even express how perfect everything about your dress is. I need to buy it as soon as possible. The flash pictures turned out really well! :)



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