An Open Letter To Prince George

Dear George,
 (I'm going to call you George, ok? Because calling someone who is literally two days old "His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge" is just silly.)

Well kid, you finally decided to make an appearance.  
Hallelujah, the reign of North West is over.

You're pretty cute for a wrinkly thing, but I have faith because both your parents are gorgeous. Hopefully you'll get your mums hairline though. And her fashion sense.
 A sharply dressed prince is everyones favorite prince. 

You've got a really cool uncle, and even you've bumped him down a rung on the royal ladder, hopefully we can avoid a whole "The Lion King" situation,
 and just move straight to him being your favorite person on the planet.

Your Great-Grandmother will try to dress you in pastels all the time, and even though that's on trend right now, and even though shes the queen,  you must resist, or you'll be that kid forever.
Everyone is looking at you. 
No pressure.

You got this.


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  1. this is perfect!! haha, made me smile like always.


  2. That's adorable!! Ahh I love that! So cute!

  3. Cutest thing ever!!! Agree about the hairline though lol



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