Swish and Flick

 dress: c.o trollied dolly|sunnies: c.o zerouv

There should be a special word we apply to dresses like this.

For right now, lets go with "flawless"


The cut, the pattern, the little knots. This dress is flashback fashion done right.

 I spent the whole day messing with the skirt.

Swish, and flick, swish and flick.

 If you need lessons, go find Hermione.

So where do you go to hoard up on magical dresses like this?

Right. Here.

I'll give you a moment. 

Back with me?

I promise to take up only a bit more time, then you can get back to heaven. 

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to show you two more Trollied Dolly dresses. When I show you the third, you'll get to enter to win one of the ones I've worn, including this one!
That's just how much we love you.

If you just absolutely cannot wait at all and that dress needs to be yours right this exact moment...

'Wire25' at checkout give you 25% off errythang on the website until June 30th

Life just keeps getting better, doesn't it?


I'll get to tell you where in the world I went soon.

Did you just scream?

That's ok, I was there and I want to scream with excitement too.
Can you handle all this?

You sure?
It's all up from here, baby.

But there are no balloons involved.

what a pity.


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  1. Could this post get any better...?
    That dress is flawless...it's more then flawless! I love it! And those shoes match perfectly!
    Darling hon!


  2. NO WAY!! I absolutely can't waaaaiiittt!
    I would definitely pair that dress with something edgier, like leather. :)
    yeah, that would be awesome!


  3. I love the detail of the collar?


  4. The dress is sooo cute. Love the colour! :)

  5. I am just in love with your writing style, never fails to make me smile!

    tie-dye-eyes blog
    make the switch and follow me on bloglovin here :)

  6. This dress is absolutely adorable!xo


  7. Where is everyone getting those cute shoes??!! Gimme gimme!!


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