We Need To Talk About Kiernan

 images c.o. us.asos.com

We all just need to take a moment and talk about Kiernan Shipka.  

These photos of her from ASOS Magazine's prom section popped into my world, I started the new season of Mad Men, and I just felt like the time was right for me to announce my love. 

I want to be her, but I also wish she was my little sister/best friend/guru. 

I mean, she gets to "work" with Christina Hendricks, on a tv show you know you spend too much time watching, and her "costumes" come out of a closet that is basically my version of Narnia.

 Don't even get me started on her wardrobe. Just look. 

It's like my closet on sugar and glitter.

well, more sugar and glitter. 

She's basically our generations saving fashion icon. 

and she has a tumblr.


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  1. I love her style! And I just wish I got to work on/live in Mad Men!


  2. She is so cute! Kiernan Shipka really has developed into a funny, well-rounded young woman. Have you seen the clip of her from Harper's Bazaar? I cannot believe with how she talks and dresses she is only 13! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTqiT_xufPI


  3. I have watched the video and she looks so grown up for being only 13!
    Now, I'm following her on Tumblr ^^

    Fashionably Sparkly


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