Velvet Circles

 #teenvogue leotard: vintage|skirt: I made it| shoes: doc martens

Let us just take a moment to think about the fact that all I wanted to do was photograph this skirt I made and my 10 year old brother turned into Patrick Demarchelier on me.

"No Justina, don't smile, look ANGRY. Fine, one heart."

That is how we ended up with these gorgeous photos. 

We took them in the driveway of the house next to the lady who doesn't like our dog, two houses down from the Russel Brand impersonator, across the street from neighbor who used to like us but doesn't anymore.

Good luck figuring out where I live, stalkers.
These people bought the house, put in new concrete, painted everything white and beige, and come mow the lawn once a month, but that's about it. 
This leaves the house with that perfect "frozen suburbia" vibe.

I made this skirt on a whim. 
A whim to not pay a bajillion dollars for one from American Apparel.

I've gotten quite attached to it now, although the entire thing is a touch on the lopsided side.

In other news, I'm going to be a bit slow on the outfit posting thing. I have
loads of outfits to show you guys, but our computer that had a ton of photos on it is kaput.
 It just...stopped. 
Like me in front of Marc Jacobs.

so just fyi.

Can we talk about last nights season finale of Downton Abbey?

no, we can't.

 I am not emotionally prepared to deal with that yet.


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  1. you kinda look like youre going to ballet class. i do love the skirt. :) i made my own velvet skirt too!

  2. You look kinda like a ballerina with a twist, love your boots!


  3. How did you make your skirt? I love it!


  4. Love the skirt! Can you do a DIY please :)

  5. Justina you look stunning in that skirt! Please do a DIY :) that would be very much appreciated


  6. Your skirt is gorgeous, as are you :) x

  7. Awesome pictures and outfit! It's so cool that you made that skirt. I found your blog in Teen Vogue, and now I'm following it and loving it.


  8. you are so pretty! i love your outfit. :)


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