On the Third Day Of Christmas

 Deck the halls with bow of holly....

or if you're Lydia, your wrists, with Hippe Hebbedingjetes bracelets.

 But pressing on. 
There are presents to be wrapped and so forth. 

This week, a pair of ManEater leggings are looking for a tree to be under.

That's right, you're going to be the cool girl wearing the cool leggings.
 The rules of play:

1. Follow A Bent Piece Of Wire via GFC.
2. Comment with your email + your favorite holiday memory and the story behind it.
Get creative with step two, because my favorites will receive a  $20 giftcard to Firmoo.

Let me repeat this:
 Two lovely comments stand before me, but I only have one prize to giftaway. Who will it go to? Funny, amazing, creative Comment #1 who has not included their email, or slightly less enthusiastic, but still involved Comment #2 who hasn't?

You guess.

I think my legging habit is well known. 
I had to branch out from my closet and purchase one of those shoe hangy whatsit things from Ikea's baby area (I wanted a pink one, ok? Don't judge me.) because they kept sliding off the shelves. 

6 pairs isn't a lot.


Justina the glitter nosed reindeer....

had a very glittery nose....

and if you ever saw it...

you would say...

"Hey, it's Justina!"


Copy this, paste it in an email to abentpieceofwire@gmail.com, and write names next to each sentence:

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Hit send.

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1 comment:

  1. Love your blog SO MUCH! Definitely following you now :)

    My Xmas story...one Christmas, my grandma brought her crocheting and was working on it while sitting on the sofa beside the Christmas tree. She kept the extra string in a paper bag...which ended up catching on fire from the tree candles when she fell asleep! Now, you must understand that women in my family tend to overreact to everything--so I silently but frantically signalled to my uncle that there was a fire starting in the living room! Then while he grabbed the crocheting and ran for the back door, I tried to sneak into the kitchen for a glass of water. Just as my uncle made it out the back door, I threw the glass of water over the crochet string that was on fire. We saved the day!

    <3 Cambria

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