A Bent Piece Of Wire Awards 2012

 2012 is basically over.
 If you're in the Land Of The Sheep, it actually is over. 
  Anyway, you know the tradition.

 Instead of me making some wacky promises that I shall forget the moment after I publish this, or dredging up every single photo of Kim Kardashian on the internet and talking about how much I really hate Call Me Maybe now, we talk about the best
The best dressed person, the best model, the best product,the best magazine,the best blogger (voting for me wasn't an option, but thanks, you're sweet.) 
For the last few weeks, you've been sending in your nominations and votes, and...oh you've seen the Golden Globes, you know the speech, lets get on with it.

ba-da-da-DUMMMMMM the first winner, in the category of Product Of The Year is.....

Yup, I feel that. I have maybe five of these, one in each bag, and they never let me down.

Now I may be a bit biased, but THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST MAGAZINE YOU SHOULD GO BUY THIS ISSUE RIGHT NOW. (then look on page 54.)
It's also a second year winner.

 Tumblr agrees.
and so does everyone else.

                And now for the awards that y'all actually care about.......drumroll pleaseeee

 In my opinion, this is the absolute best win. Also, I'm starting to sense a pattern in fictional characters winning Most Fashionable Person Of The Year.  
Time to step up your game you lot.
*cough* ADR *cough*

     YES. YES. YES.

`None of them can be here to make an acceptance speech, so I'm just going to give one.

Thank you. 
Yes you, the one reading this blog right this actual moment.
 I've had so many amazing opportunities this year, and gotten to meet so may wonderful new people.
It's hard to believe, I know, but I used to be boring. 
And now, partly because of this blog, and partly because of this crazy hairdresser who cut off my long hair when I was 12, I am not boring.

2012 was a good year.
 2013's going to be better, 
even if we don't have the Mayans pushing YOLO.

See you in the next year, don't be late.


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