Thanksgiving Thoughts With Justina

(Don't you love how I refer to Snoopy in any holiday related posts?)

Today I'm thinking about and expressing all the things I'm thankful for, and because y'all are really special to me, (I get sappy on the holidays, just deal.) I thought I'd start here.

I'm thankful for you, because you  read my blog, and comment, 
and make me laugh so hard I fall over.

(Y'all obviously take take rotflol as a challenge.)

I'm thankful for all the amazing opportunities I've been afforded because of this blog.
I've been able to meet amazing people and do incredible things,
 stuff I would have never even dreamed of a year ago.

So, you know.

Thank you.

Now, I am going to sit at a gigantic table with people I love, and eat.

and eat.
and eat. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


ps. Don't go to Walmart tomorrow. It is actually dangerous.

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  1. There's no such thing as thanksgiving for me with out the turkey and the Peanuts thanksgiving speacail

  2. Yay! Happy Turkey day.



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