Film Break: Sunday Afternoon: 10.14.2012

This week is more interesting than inspirational, I think. 
Or not. 
Are they the same thing? 
Who knows. Anyway...

How This Week's Video's Are Relevant To Me.
 (aka random one liners I thought up while watching them.)

1.Everyone should watch Mad Men.

2.Slam poetry is beast. So are Levi's.

 3. Dyeing hair is the only thing Kool Aid is fit for.

4.I have flunked Ballet three times. 

5.A Girl Model screening needs to happen in my city.

What are you doing this Sunday afternoon? 
I'm building a tent under a willow tree and chalking hair 
whilst tossing glitter and vintage cameras about. 

Nothing new.


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  1. Awesome blog! :) Love your posts, and I'm having heaps of fun browsing through them all! Great job!



  2. Mad Men is such an amazing show and I've always thought that Kiernan Shipka is great, but this video made me love her even more. She's adorable!


  3. Woah! I got inspired by your blog, dear. Following you now!

  4. I did ballet for 9 years then I quit bc I realized I that I am to flat footed to ever be a ballerina. true story.
    I hate that Levi commercial I love the poem but every time I see the commercial I feel really used because then I feel like I need knew Levi's.
    also your blog. is rediculously addicting I have been looking through it for about an hour now.
    I think I have a problem


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