Justina x Tallia

 So the first thing I saw was her hair. 
Then her insanely awesome name jewelry. 
Then she opened her mouth. 
That was when I started writing an email to beg for an interview with Scotlands newest (Only? I mean really, what teenage artists can you name that's come out of Scotland? Point made.) teenage popstar. Who also happens to have quite the natural sense of style, which is something I've rather given up on looking for in teenage stars. 
 (I mean, have you SEEN the stuff Justin Bieber wears??)

               How do you feel your music has influenced your style?

I don't know, not a lot really, my musical influence is very old school - Motown, jazz, old school R&B whereas my style is super quirky, eccentric sometimes and fun. I like to express mood through my clothes, they become an extension of me and I like to have fun with that. I also love art and think there is great synergy between art and fashion, as my sister will confirm. She's 15 years old and a total fashion freak which is ideal as she's my stylist and I think it's fair to say she's done a pretty good job so far. We both have such fun 'dressing up'. Girls are obsessed with fashion and I like to play on that and just go for things that are different. I guess a little like my voice - people say it's different and has a signature, which is lovely. So I think my style is pretty much the same. I will never be influenced by 'must have trends' for the sake of it, the thought of blending in is just boring.

Tell me about your hair, how did it come to be so..present?

I was dubbed the 'girl with the big hair and big voice' a while back in the UK media. I love my crazy hair - it's just so me - flyaway, full of fire and passion and adventurous. Because I was going to LA and NYC without my Scottish hairdresser Taylor Ferguson in tow, (don't quite have the budget for that at this stage in my career) we decided to do something quirky that we could manage there. So our  friend Lou Clave, who is a hair artist, created this wonderful bow which was meshed with my real hair - like a sculpture - a total artistic expression for my first red carpet in Hollywood I thought. Sure, it was a bit crazy but why not. I think that the US teen stars very much play it safe on the fashion stakes which is very different from UK and Europe. We like to be creative and that's what I hoped to achieve. My hair for the night was an extension of me.

(Justina Note: I sincerely hope you have had a chance to see that bow, it was kind of awesome. Google it.)

You have a very distinct voice.   
How would you describe it in three words?
 Soulful, powerful, me!

I've noticed you have a lot of statement pieces in your wardrobe. 
Which is your favorite and what's the story behind it?

Gosh, we'd  be here till Christmas. Having a sister who is the same size means we share our wardrobes which gives us double. For me clear staples will be black shiny leggings from TopShop, my Bonnie Bling 'Tallia Storm' knuckledusters, Swarovski earrings, and scarves. I have a million scarves as it's so important to watch one's lungs - I wear a scarf everywhere in the UK to keep my neck and chest warm. I also have this wonderful little cropped Prada jacket which is actually my mothers that I stole. I have worn it a million times. It can be dressed up for a cocktail dress or down for jeans and creepers.  I would love to one day own a wardrobe from Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier - they are my fashion idols!

What's it like being Tallia
Well I guess I don't know anything else. I love being me. I have been singing for such a long time but this whole experience with Sir Elton has changed my world and I will be forever grateful. I am truly blessed but you know I work hard, I train my voice and rehearse everyday. It's like I've said before, it's my thing, my journey and I won't let Sir Elton down now that he has given me this wonderful platform. I plan to be here for a long time just to work hard, be myself and enjoy every second of the journey. So being Tallia has certainly been a whirlwind so far!

Check out Tallia's website + follow her on twitter @tallia_storm!

Note to self: Must get giant hairbow, stat.


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  1. Haha loved this - she is so cute!

    xo, Lela
    fashion blog - www.LelaLondon.com

  2. Omigosh! Is her music as nice as she is? ;)
    P.S. The hair bow is Awesome! Personally I do not think I could pull it off though...

  3. Great interview! Interesting questions! well done, girls!! <3


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