Justina x Tavi

(I took this picture of Tavi while she was leading us in the troll song. Yes, troll.)
She's Tavi. I really shouldn't have to elaborate here. We did an interview in a park on a really steep hill, and I didn't have any questions prepared (my amazing reporter skills at work here) because I thought about asking for an interview mid-hug, (That's right, I got to hug her, you're jelly.) and she wasn't prepared to have me interview her. So in reality, there was a lot more "um..." (me) and "uhhh..." (Tavi), but hopefully I'm made us both look like upstanding pillars of the fashion industry. Or something like that.
(I would also just like to note that Tavi is quite possibly the sweetest person ever.)

Justina: What has your favorite experience being "Tavi Gevinson The Teen Fashion Blogger" been?
Tavi: I think it would proabably have to have been getting to go to South Dakota with my friends Kate and Laura (as in, you know, Mulleavy. Of Rodarte.) to shoot their campaign for Target. Getting to see that part of America through their eyes was really amazing.

J: What is one thing you've picked up along the Roadtrip that you are completely attached to now?
T: Oh gosh, I've gotten so much cool stuff. I just bought this really cool sweater in a thrift store at one of the stops, and it is just amazing. I could wear it every day.

J: What do you think you'd be doing if you had never started The Style Rookie?
T: I don't know. I'd probably be acting, because I love acting, but I don't feel like I've had enough life experience to look back and say "Oh I would have.." yet. I still have some living to do.

J: Loads of teenagers started blogging because they were inspired by you. What's something you'd like to say to all of them?
 T: Just have fun. That's kind of a cliche, I know, but if it isn't fun, you shouldn't be doing it.

J: What's it like being Tavi?
T: I don't have any experience being anyone else. It's a very surreal experience, being me.

If you aren't already reading Rookie, and following The Style Rookie, and following @tavitulle on twitter, I can't with you.

I'm going to go make a crown now, and talk to my new Rookie cult members friends.


ps. As of this moment, I am 2 followers away from 200!! You people are brilliant. But if you'd like to be even brillianter (accept it.) be the person that drags in two new people, and you get a hug. Unless you're a stranger. Which you probably are. I'll take your candy, but no hugs.


  1. I love Tavi! You're so lucky you got to interview her :)


  2. love the interview! I think, that you asked great questions :)

  3. wow lucky you :) honey, would you like to follow me back? I really care of your opinion.

  4. that girl is ridic cool. YES for troll songs. also you're funny, so sure i'll be no. 200 ;) x


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