I Think I was The Queen. Or, I was British In A Past Life.

 I often get asked by people who read this blog if I am British, or at some point in my life lived in England. Here is your answer:


The top three reasons they have given to support their theory is:

1. The way I write/speak
2. Words I use
3. The way I look.


But, I can understand why you would think I am. I have an exceptionally convincing British accent (or so I think), a natural side effect of number's two and three (see below), I throw random "british words" into sentences, tweets, and the lot (number ones fault), I talk about England a LOT (Number fives's fault), and most of my favorite singers are British. (See four.)

I think I was British in a past life. Maybe that's why I'm so attracted to it all.

Five Things That Make Me A Fake Brit.

1. My Favorite Books

You haven't laughed properly unless you've read these books. Do not read them in public, because your spazzy laughing will attract people who will think you need medical attention and/or a straight jacket.

2. My Favorite TV Show
Downton Abbey

Big hats of the English variety, lot's of tea drinking, conniving while making polite conversation, a spoiled heiress, and tragical things happening and then being brilliant, so on and so forth.
 (I also quite adored Skins before it went to complete shreds with the third generation.)

3. My Favorite News Program

It's the BBC.
 I can't really elaborate on that, except to say that watching this every day is what
 gives me my impeccable accent.

4. My Favorite Singer
Amy Winehouse

This woman is basically all there is to my itunes library. Her voice was perfect, her hair was gorgeous, and she was just a really brilliant person.

(Adele currently holds the title + crown for "Currently Living" favorite singer, 
but Amy is overall Grand Supreme.  
Had to throw a little bit of Americuh-ness in here.)

5. My Posse Across The Pond. 
Cat, Emily, Madeline and Nezar.  

Cat and Emily are actually British, and they are, just, you know, amazing and super stylish and they have ACCENTS.
Madeline is soon to be British and is happy to indulge me with long conversations about London.

Nezar is half British and obsessed with tea and biscuits.

And I'm just sitting over here randomly calling soccer football (Actually I am German so this is relevant.) and  buying Wellingtons in preparation for the rain that will never come because I live in California.

 So who wants to buy me a plane ticket? 


ps. I had a reason for writing this whole thing in a huge font.
p.p.s. Really I did.
p.p.p.s. I just can't remember it at the current moment.

p.p.p.p.s. I am going to be checking out for the weekend. 

p.p.p.p.p.s. (Is that even a thing?) I'm pretty sure you know what's coming but:

200 followers = Giveaway + MAJORLY BRILLIANT NEWS.


  1. Ah, Justina!
    I love you too much (watch made in chelsea, its my life in 10 years, and yours if you make it over here and plus we all talk like that)
    Anyway, I wish I was in america right now to be honest. Thanks for the mention, feel so priviledged <3 Muah xoxo dottedblazer.blogspot.com

  2. Oh I have this a lot! I love England! Some people in Dutch stores actually start speaking English to me because they think I am British!

    xoxo, Laura

  3. First off you are TOO SWEET! Thanks so much for your comment on my current post:) And I want to go to England so badly too!:) And accents are so fun to mimic! I really like to do an Australian one haha. I hope you can go there soon!

  4. I love British accent too! esp. after watching Harry Potter and Transporter lol


  5. Nice blog dear!

  6. I love Georgia!
    Read all the books!
    Have you already read Withering thights?
    A good laugh as well!
    Love, Charlie

  7. I am currently going through about 20 books all about the English monarchy. So fascinating to me! I haven't watched Downton Abbey but I might see if I can watch it on Hulu. I totally missed it and I meant to watch it from the beginning.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  8. Hey, thanks for your kind comment on our blog, we are now following you, please follow back :) xxx

  9. Haha, I think it's awesome that you wish you were British! So do I, their accents are so much cooler than mine. Thanks for stopping my blog, I'm following now :)

    The Tiny Heart

  10. If you laughed at those confession books then you have to read The Diary of a Chav books. They are hilarious! The Georgia Nicholson just aren't funny in comparison but they are very british so you might not get them if your american. Just the little things but I totally recommend them :) xx


  11. We really enjoyed reading this post (as we're English) and we also LOVE Amy Winehouse's music as well..it's funny how you're in America wanting to visit England and vice versa for us! Good post by the way :-) xo


  12. I can relate to this post 100%. All my friends tell me that I look like I could be from England. I they know I'm obsessed...glad to know I'm not the only one! xx


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