The People In My Closet.

My closet doesn't lead to Narnia (le sigh) but there are PEOPLE in there (Before you call the cops, I'm not talking about actual people, or mummies or anything. A few ghosts, yes, but they're harmless, they're just in there for the pretty clothes.). and music, and watercolour sploshes, and glitter,  and all kinds of other fun stuff. All of which, I consider both the best piece of artwork ever, and my muse.  So in the spirit of musing about muses, I attempted to make a moodboard. I didn't feel I was ready to make a giant wall a la Tavi (actually, I have no more wall space, but oh well.) so I made a smallish one, and I am rather proud of it.

MoodBoard: 6-3-2012
Meet the Musings: 
Marilyn, Marina, Audrey, Twiggy, Lauren, and Fifi, along with a lot of random fluff I found attractive.

and because I was feeling productive, I even made a playlist (but because I am incapable of being normal, there are artish type video bits in there as well to watch. All in the name of musinosity.) to go with it:

Enjoy. I am thinking this is going to be a regular thing, but I may need to get another wall.


  1. LOVE the collage and of course Calvin Harris is one of my favs too. And being normal is too OVER RATED!! Love love love!

  2. great moodboard, love the style and photo's xo


  3. Thank you or your comment, great pictures! Following you on bloglovin :) xx



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