Thats My Mama.

Happy Mothers Day!

Now, I don't know about you, but I have several Mama's. I have a mama who is (completely coincidentally..not.) also the mama of my soul sister. I have a fairy godmama who has ahmahzing bright red hair.(You jelly.) I have an insanely amazing grandmama (There are no ugly sweaters in sight.) and I have MY mama. My mama is very special. (Not just because she's MY mama), but because she's her. She makes kitchen witches, homeschools me, and wears turquoise cowboy boots. She can't really cook, (I didn't say that) and loves wolves. She let's me go into total Fashion Blogger Mode with minimal eye-rolling, and let me leave the house in a tutu and a malibu princess tiara. She has clothes in her closet that she bought in the eighties in london and dragged across the atlantic, which automatically just won over the super fashion nut in you. I couldn't think of any proper adjectives (What do I look like, Hallmark?) and the only quotes I liked were really funny, but if I had used them in relation to my mum, you'd never see me again. But then I found this picture, and I think it sums up us really well.

             This photo was taken circa a longish time ago.

       That's my mama. 

         Go hug your mama.


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