She's Got a Motercycle and A Chanel Bag.


 (Top photo,Jane Keltner de Valle + Alice Dellal, Teen Vogue, middle and bottom, Alice Dellal,Chanel)

Chanel isn't exactly the first thing I think of when I see Alice Dellal. Actually, It's not even the 10,00th thing I think of. When I see her, I think of London, not Paris, worn leather, and a bit of an attitude. But that's basically what the new Boy bag is. I've never really been into the plain black Chanel bag, but Alice and her rocker vibe are making me question a LOT of things. Plus, the shots are just gorgeous. I proclaim this bag the  crazy sister of the Classic who moved to London, and works at a clothing stand in Covent Garden. As this is now turning into me rhapsodizing over this bag,(be honest, you were doing it too.) lets talk about Alice. Her head is shaved, she's got a nose ring, and has some SERIOUS shoes in her closet. Doesn't exactly call to mind all that we know Chanel to stand for. But I think Coco would have loved her. She was the girl Mme. Chanel was designing for. Independent, different. So yeah, I like her, and I think she was a good choice as the one of the new faces of Chanel. (Yeah, I heard about Brad, but he's not nearly as interesting as her. No arguing.)

             Hmm, how would I look with a nose ring??


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