Justina Is Obsessed: five - twenty seven - twenty twelve

So I don't know about you, but I'm kind of an all-or-nothing person. I don't just kinda get into things, I get fully obsessed for a while, then bored out of my mind with it, or just moderately interested. Today I am obsessed with three things. Here they are in list of current importance.

1. The Vampire Diaries

Ok, usually, I am the first one teasing people about watching these shows. And don't get me wrong, I DESPISE Twilight. There isn't nearly enough Jacob in either those books or the movies to make any of it worth it. But THIS SHOW. I can't. Damon, Stefen, Damon, Stefen. In Twilight, we all KNOW she's going to end up with Edward, so whats the point? But in this show, we are completely in the dark. AND THEY'RE ALL SO PRETTY.   The plot is semi-predictable, but it's still AH-MAHZING. Elena isn't a pushover, and neither of them is really "the good guy". Plus, they all know how to dress. Because I am one of the very sad, and have no life, I've watched two and a half seasons in a week. I CAN'T STOP.


2. The Hollywood Sign

It's the Hollywood sign. Must I go into this? It's big, white, and freaking AWESOME. I'm going to be here in FOUR DAYS.


3. Iconemesis Iphone Cases

Fifi Lapin on an iPhone case. best thing ever. Now all I need is the iphone, and we'll be all good to go!
 (hint hint hint, keep this case in mind...)

So that's basically all thats been going on in my brain for the last few weeks. Sad, isn't it? But Today, that all changes. I AM GOING ON VACAAAATION! And I know you're going to  want to see how I turn a road trip with my *yeaaargh* family into an escapade, so follow me on Instagram: @abentpieceofwire and on twitter: @bentpieceofwire. I won't be able to write on here, as Blogger is stupid and hasn't yet developed an app that is actually useful.

Lalala...off to LaLa land I go.....



  1. I really love your blog. Maybe you are agree following each other?! :)


  2. Hi dear! I dind’t know your blog! It’s amazing! If you want follow each other let me know and i’ll come to follow you!!
    Kisses and take care honey!!



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