When it is Easter, dress as an Easter Egg.

Happy Easter Y'all!

So last week was spring break for me, and over the aforementioned break, I decided I was going to start putting more effort into photo's for you guys. When better to start than Easter? So I did a WHOLE PHOTO SHOOT, just for you :) This is my first attempt. These were taken outside my house. I don't have the worlds greatest camera, but I think they turned out alright, oui? In the first three, I enlarged the plant behind me, because I'm a master picnik-er like that,  but other than those three, these are the original photos. No retouching or anything.

I apologize for the goofy smile. I must have thought something going past was really funny. 

                                                     Really REALLY funny.


 Ok, now is time for me to go pig  out (Or in the spirit, 'chick' out?) on Easter egg candy.



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If you're mean, I'll track you down and replace all your shoes with those hideous white tennis things that are so popular among the very sad.