Justina x Nadja

                                                                       Photo courtesy of Nadja Seale

You've probably seen her stunning photo's on Lookbook, or read one of the countless blog posts about her. I found her when attempting to trace back a gorgeous picture on Tumblr. So for my first ever interview on the blog, I bring you Nadja Seale, the girl in front of and behind the camera, with a makeup brush and cupcakes.

Justina: What is one word to describe you?
Nadja: Can I make it two ? Decisively-Indecisive
 J: Walk me through your average day, good, bad, and gorgeous.
N: Well, on a good day I get phoned-up a few hours before the time where a magazine would want me to do make-up for celebrities. Usually I do not know who it is that I will be doing make-up and style for, and only find out once at the location. I prefer it that way in order to not be intimidated. The moment intimidations steps in, it robs you of your  creativity. I come prepared to shoots so I have all my goods with me and (hopefully) my God-given talent and that’s all I need. When we do themed shoots, it will take weeks of preparation for styling and make-up, but then it is just working with models. On a bad day, I have to do admin work because I work for myself. That might be hours in front of the laptop writing emails.
 J: Who/what would you claim as inspiration?
N: Africa. In many senses. Nature, people, atmosphere. It is so diverse where I stay, you have Bushveld, and then you get the beach, so it never gets humdrum.
 J: Now something I’ve always wanted to know: How do you choose the titles for your lookbook posts?
N: Mmm.... that’s a good question. Sometimes when I work with the photos, after a time you can’t look at the photo objectively anymore. So what I then do is I walk away from the photo that I want to post and after an hour or so, I will look at it again and then think of the first thing it reminds me of and build a name around that.
J:  What’s it like being Nadja?
N:I guess it’s great; I haven’t been anybody else yet, haha. No, I have a very privileged life. I have God in my life, great family, and get to do work that I love. Just still waiting for that right person, then I guess the picture would be complete!  

 I'd like to thank Nadja for answering these questions for me!! To get to know her a bit better, check out her blog, Nadja Seale. Lily Bloom

         Who would you like me to interview in the future?


  1. This is such a lovely interview! Why didn't I know her before this interview!! :o

    xoxo, Laura


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