Coachella started it.

I feel as though I should be in a field or something, listening to a band no one has ever heard of, in a sundress, with daisies in my hair. Instead I'm in the city, listening to Amy Winehouse, in a beautiful sundress with daisies in my hair. :D But never mind. Festival season is upon us! The first weekend of Coachella has closed, Earth Day is Sunday, and summer is on it's way in a mustang. Allow it. And as we all know, there is a special way to dress for this. I've put together a quick inspiration collection, mostly made up of Free People and flower children.

They are so gorgeous it’s not fair.

old fashion beauty

 Go grab some daisies and make yourself a wreath, you know you want to.

Did anyone go to Coachella this weekend??


ps. Who else is SUPER DUPER excited for the launch of Atelier Indigo??
                          pps. Check out Free People's gorge new clothes, they are beyond fabulous.


  1. Hey Justina, I just replied you an email on IFB! Your blog is amazing!

    With love,


  2. nice message on ifb, different from the others... :-)

    I like this post so much!! I love this style ... great pics
    please check mine too if you like

    xxx Ros.e.

  3. I wish someday to go to Coachella....now it´s too far :( kisses, nice post


  4. nice post :) lovely photos! thanks for sharing :) x


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