Fashion Weeks: Haute Couture

So if I tried to cover every bit of every show I liked in each city, we would all end up terribly confused. Instead, I picked my favorite outfits from my 3 favorite shows, in an effort to condense, which we all know I'm not good at. But lets move along...

       Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/ Summer 2012 Haute Couture
The Inspiration.
  Now you know that when I heard that my favorite singer of all time was the inspiration for JPG's couture collection, I had to see it, and hope it was done right. I wasn't disappointed. Amy'd be proud.

The Look.
        Trundled up in beehives and eyeliner, these models channeled Amy to the core.

               Now Amy's dad got on the blower ranting about how he didn't like the collection, and found it " In Poor Taste" and that it "Showed Off Amy At A Dark Time In Her Life Simply To Make Money".  Whatever. I like it, and I think she would have too.
  Elie Saab Spring/ Summer 2012 Haute Couture

                   I can't really pinpoint the inspiration for this collection, but I really liked it. it was very  
                            relaxed, and almost playful, in a "Downton Abbey" sort of way. These dresses aren't really my usual style, but I can totally see wearing one to go have tea with the Queen... Maybe not the see-though one with strategic flowers though.
 The Look

       Valentino spring/summer 2012 Haute Couture 
    The Inspiration
It was all white, floral, and lace at Valentino. Floaty, happy colored floral shirtwaist dresses were the rage...made me think of picking flowers in a field... 
 The Look

Pretty, right? So the main trend I picked from all these shows were florals, and sheers. So you may want to invest in pretty underwear. Because everyone will be able to see it.

*Photo's courtesy of MarieClaire.co.uk

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