Annnd they're OFF!

It's that time of year again! Time for the second annual A Bent Piece Of Wire Awards!!

This year, I'm spreading things over a few days. Check out this schedule, so you know when to check back for what you want to see:

Tuesday, December 27th:
Product Of The Year
This is the day you'll find out which product I've chosen, as per your nominations, as product of the year!
The day YOU get to vote for Model Of The Year, from our top three.

Wednesday, December 28th:
Model Of The Year
This is where I will unveil the Model of The Year, as chosen by YOU!! You'll also be voting on Fashion Magazine  of The Year from our top three! :)

Thursday, December 29th: 
Fashion Magazine of The Year
Oooh, who will win?? Teen Vogue, or Seventeen, or Nylon??? Voting for Blogger Of The Year opens at 12 am! Also, nominees for Most Fashionable Person Of The Year are announced!

Friday, December 30th: 
Blogger Of The Year
This is my favorite category, and I seriously can't wait to see who wins! :)

Saturday, December 31st:
As the year ends, so do our awards, with the biggest and glittery-est of them all!

So who will win? Don't forget to come back everyday and vote for your model, magazine, and blogger!!


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