All I want for Christmas is...this, and THIS, and THIS....

Bonjour Mon Cheries,

 tis the season to be jolly! But what would the holiday season be without a few fabulous gifts, that idiot who is giving you fruitcake that you gave them LAST YEAR, and of course, those mile long wishlists of fashion folklore :)

Before I get on with the FIRST EVER A BENT PIECE OF WIRE GIFT LIST, let me tell you my newest rule:

 RULE OF LIFE #4 : NO UGGS. None. Period. I don't care who you are, or what else you are wearing, do NOT,  I repeat, NOT, leave the house with those things on. Please.

And now on with the party, oui?? I have personally picked all these things, and trawled the abyss that is internet reviews to certify their fabulousness. And lets face it. If they weren't fabulous, why would they be on my blog??? I've added the price, where to find it, and their twitter handle :)

     1. EOS Lip Balm

                                                      Walgreens, evolutionofsmooth.com $3.29, @eosproducts
                      I wrote a post on this stuff, so you know it's gold. It's also a contender for 
                           "A Bent Piece Of Wire's Product Of The Year"! I have a ton of them, 
                             and they are magical. A great stocking stuffer, these little spheres 
                              pack quite a moisturizing punch, and plus, they're fun to play with!

                                             2. A Subscription to Teen Vogue

                                                      Teen Vogue, teenvogue.com, $10, @teenvogue

                                         This one is a basic staple of any fashionistas aresenal. This is 
                                 our BIBLE. and it's a great gift for basically anyone! Everyone 
                                          likes to look at beautiful clothes ;)

          3. VS PINK Nation Large Wheelie
Victoria's Secret, Victoriassecret.com, $128, @victoriassecret
 As I should hope y'all know by now, good luggage is important.
and good luggage must LOOK good. Voila, I bring you the VS PINK wheelie. :D

                                   4. Classy by Derek Blasberg

Amazon, http://www.amazon.com, Price Varies, @derekblasberg

Put this one in the shelf right next to Teen Vogue. This little book is an essential for any lady. Derek covers what not to wear when at the airport (He's with me on the Uggs thing) to what not to have in your purse. I definetly recommend this one for your girlfriends and  your sister, but maybe not your boss. She might take it the wrong way.

5.  Coach Poppy fragrance by Coach

Coach, www.coach.com, $65, @coach 

        This is actually a fragrance I wear all the time, and I love it. 
For a very long time I stayed away from purfume, because it reminded
me of dead old women. Morbid, yes, but it's the truth. But this actually smells
       really good, and it's nice and light, not so oppressive. Good gift for your best friend, 
     maybe not your grandmother, she might prefer to stick with her Chanel No. 5.

6. Apple iPod Touch
Apple Stores, http://store.apple.com/us, $199 

Now I should HOPE you know what this is :) I swear by my iPod, and it has my life on it. I organize, blog, take pictures, tweet, EVERYTHING. All while randomly dancing to Ke$ha. It is probably the most useful thing I've ever bought. 

7. Glitter TOMS
TOMS, toms.com, $54, @TOMS
Who else remembers my #JustinaNeedsSparklyTOMS campaign?? I still don't have them. So in that spirit, I'm putting this on my list, hoping that som very lucky person out there will get a pair, and it will be because of me. Fine points of these shoes: 1. GLITTER!!! 2. Some child who really needs them, will get a pair of shoes as a result of your purchase. That sounds like Christmas spirit to me. :)

8. Urban Decay Sparkling Lickable Body Shimmer in Marshmallow
Sparkling Lickable Body Powder - Marshmallow 

                                                     Sephora, sephora.com, $20, @sephora
                               So, not only does this stuff look amazing, but it tastes FABULOUS.  
                       Marshmallows have never tasted this good when licked off your arm

      9. a Sofistafunk Skirt
                                       Sofistafunk, sofistafunk.com, Prices Vary, @sophistafunk
           This is actually on my personal christmas list. I want one of their beautiful skirts so bad.
          I run out of adjectives when describing them. Glamours, fun, winzy, moxie, whimsical,
         you get the picture. I didn't post a specific one because it doesn't really matter which one
                    you pick. They are all one of a kind, and they are all FABULOUS.

 10. American Express Giftcard

                                          American Express, americanexpress.com, Prices Vary

                          And for that person on your list who you just CANNOT find a gift for,
                              let them buy their own.

I hope this has helped you get some prezzies under the tree for those people you LUUUUUURVE :) Let me know how your Christmas goes! E-mail me at abentpieceofwire@gmail.com :)

   Off Singing Carols,

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  1. haha, great list! I want some glitter TOMS aswell:)

    please check out my blog: http://naturalbeings.blogspot.com/


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