Introducing.....The Winner Of The FIRST EVAH A Bent Piece Of Wire Style Challenge!!!

Bonjour Mon Cheries!

Ok, So we have a winner :) Ophir, otherwise known as "peanutbutterpuppy231" has won our first ever style challenge via Polyvore!! Isn't it grand? The winning set:


I really love this set. Y'all are really geniuses..but we all already knew that, right? :D There were lots of others, and I had a really hard time picking a winner. But now for a saddish bit: a few sets had to be dis-qual-i-fied.... :( But not many :) Just remember: Sets must be made entirely from items in the mini editor ONLY. Other wise they will have to be...not saying it again.  But now on to our winner:

I love your set. I love how you used the colors, and the general attitude. I can totally see myself wearing this :)

And to the rest of y'all: DON'T DESPAIR! In exactly ONE week, we will be starting a new challenge! I can't wait to see what y'all do with this one..And guess what? IT HAS A THEME!!! Who's excited!??! Make sure you have your Polyvore account set up!! And if you haven't already, add me as a contact: www.littlemisssnickerbar.polyvore.com

Luuuuuurve you oodles!

Until Whenever,

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