Bonjour mon Cheries,

I'll admit it. Every once in a while, I do recycle outfits.
 * Gasp in the Crowd * I don't do it often. Only when I'm sick, or going to the library, where no one is looking at me anywho. I just don't have enough clothes (I just heard a sarcastic laugh, was that you mum????) to support the "Wear It Once, Throw It Away" policy those girls on Pretty Little Liars follow. But these people take it to a WHOLE nother level. They make Alexander McQueen look like an amateur. Examples A through Infinity:


 Mannequin wearing recycled clothes

Remind you of anything??

Its made out of phonebooks. Don't worry, I missed it too. 


Point is, you can make clothing out of anything. Why not help out Mother Nature, and make it out of rubbish? You know the saying " One girls rubbish, is another girls couture!" or something like that...
Get recycling. Who said you can't save the planet AND look fabulous? Besides, those khaki cargo short things? OUT.

Until Whenever,

P.S. For those of y'all on twitter: I REALLY want a pair of sparkly TOMS so: #JustinaNeedsSparklyTOMS :)


  1. I enjoy the fact that they are colorful O.o so pretty. A friend of mine just bought those sparkly toms ;)

  2. http://www.toms.com/womens/glitters
    Sparkly TOMS ^^
    AND. We did a project on that for school :) I made a waist coat and it won a competitiona and it was worn on TV (yay) You should post some more outfits ^^ LOVEE you because you follow me :) and plus your on my blogs people need to follow. Yes I am back on blogger!! so check out my stuff again...ok?? and how many times can I enter this polyvore competition?? xxxx

  3. @Cat Lovely! glad you're back :) I was waiting! Youc an enter as many times as you'd like :)



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