If You Are a Fox, Run Away While You Can


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I don't care what anyone says about Amy Winehouses' tattooed lashes (Yes, they are cool, but not as awesome as what I'm about to talk about, so be quiet, would you??Thanks :P) there is nothing to me like the timeless fabnosity of fake eyelashes. I mean, Twiggy practically SUPERGLUED hers to her face. Seriously. Look it up. I have never seen a SINGLE picture of her without her lashes. I LAHVE her. Nowadays, girls my age smear kohl (phuty, I SPIT upon kohl) and pounds and pounds of mascara, and what do they look like? Well, I can't tell you, because it would be rude, and I might offend someone (but you know what I'm thinking) I prefer fake eyelashes. There's just something  so  elegant about them. And now, it seems like the fashion world is FINALLY getting the memo. False eyelashes (The showy kinds, not those weeny little"Natural Look" ones) Check it:


Cool yes? Well, I think I ought to give credit to what originally gave me the inspiration for this. I was going through I tunes, and found this show, "That Girl". I'm sure its a great show, but I don't know for sure, because throughout the entire show, all I could focus on (Like a GOOD little fashion blogger) were her clothes and her FAB fox eyelashes. Here are some images from the show, courtesy of Google Images:

Another one with her lashes superglued. So what do foxes have to do with it? Well, rumor has it that the lashes USED to be made out of fox eyelashes. I know.

Please don't go buy lashes at the dollar tree and try to glue them to your face. Pretty please. I would hate for you to glue your eye shut. Then how would you read my blog?? :D Just kidding, I would be really worried about you. I might even send flowers..FOCUS. Like I was saying: Get PROFESSIONAL TOOLS to stick these things to your face, and make sure they are good lashes, not just some cheapo knock-off. Then I can sleep easy :)

                                    To plastic, foxes, superglue, and all things Twiggy!

                                                         Until Whenever,

P.S. All Images are courtesy of Style.com and Google Images

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  1. loving it! I had a pair similar to the blue feather ones which were way too much fun... i got some funny looks when I wore them but it has to be done at least once right? haha love the post!
    Madeleine xx



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