Stones, and Metal, and Ribbon OH MY!

Bonjour Mon Cheries!

Let me start by saying HOW MUCH I LAHVE all of my follower-type people. I really do. Please don't think that it is for lack of lahve for you that I haven't posted in, well, FOR-EVAH. I haven't posted because Inspiration decided to take a vacation, and forgot to write me a note. However, she came back today, and we went estate sale hopping! For those of you who don't know what an estate sale IS, click on this linky-type thingymabobber .

We found:
A FAB Elgin Watch
A ah-mahzingly hilarious print of "The Nudes Of Yesteryear" (Which I cannot post a picture of because blogger will shut me down, and THEN where would we be?)
A little giraffe that you can stick a candle in. (via it's bum)
An Eyewitness travel guide to Amsterdam (A fashionable girl can NEVER, I repeat NEV-AH, have TOO MANY travel guides. Especially the ones with lots of pictures.)
A 40 year calender (don't ask.)

Then, we came home, and as I was looking at my new watch bit, I was thinking, "I really do lahve my jewelry. I should do a POST on it!!! Yay!!!!" So I grabbed a camera, and quite a bit of jewelry, at this is what happened:

As you can see in the bottom leftish bit, I have A LOT of earrings. Unfortunately, I only have TWO ears, and TWO piercings. So modeling all those could take QUITE a while.

Jewelry is a VERY important part of any outfit. It can make or break it for you. A statement necklace can take an outfit for drab to glam. Some of MY favorite places to pick up some ah-mahzing pieces are:

Thrift Town (My favorite thrift store)

When looking for jewelry, remember : If you don't like it, don't buy. Don't just buy something JUST because it matches your outfit. You'll wear it once, won't feel comfortable, and it will end up in the bottom of a dusty hole somewhere. (Don't pretend you don't have a dusty hole.)

I must now jingle, jingle, chink, chink away Dahlinks! But before I go, I would like to direct your attention to the tabs at the top of the page ☝ As you can see, there are TWO new pages!! The Seal Of Fabnosity page has my favorites of well..everything. Its still in progress, so don't expect it to look like Teen Vogue. The next one has alllll the was you can find me!! How exciting, right??

Much Lahve Gorgeous!!

Until Whenever,

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