A QUICK interlude.

Bonjour mon Cheries!

I know I am on a trip, need to put away my computer and relax, etc, etc, blah blah blah. But I wanted to share TWO things with you.

1. I log onto Polyvore today, and what do I see?
Just wanted to share that little victory with Y'all, and thank you for being so fab.

2. I currently have 19 followers. When I have 45, I will be doing a FABUOUS (if I do say so myself) giveaway. So spread the word! This is NOT a prize you are going to want to miss out on!

Ok, NOW I can go rest in peace : (don't worry, I'm not planning to DIE anytime soon, just sleep like the dea- er, REFLECT on the future of this blog :)

Until Whenever,



  1. Hi Justina, thanks for checking out my blog. I am your follower #20.
    I love the Butter London lacquer - i will have to check if they ship to Australia.

  2. Justina, thank you so much for your sweet comment. It is so cool you have a German mum. So do you speak German? Your blog is great, I follow you, of course :) Love, Charlotte.



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