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(Disclaim: this show does deal with some serious stuff, 
and if it's not your jam, 
feel free to read this post I wrote about tracksuits when I was 13.)

At the TCA's, I saw a bald head, and freaked out
It was Charlie Rowe, and with him was Nolan Sotillo. 

They, along with Ciara Bravo, (who I had taken some pretty solid selfies with earlier in the evening), 
were there to promote their new FOX show Red Band Society. After I bully-er, convinced Charlie to refollow me on twitter, we managed to get in a good chat about the show. 

Then I got to continue that with Nolan, who plays Jordi, one of the main characters. 

Justina:So tell me about Jordi Palacios. 
Well actually, first tell me if I'm pronouncing that properly.

Nolan: It's Jor-di Pa-LA-ci-os, or if you're saying it in Spanish it's a little different. 

Okay, I will change that, since I think I've been spelling it wrong this whole time.
Hahahah, well, Jordi is American born, but after his mom dies, and having never really known his dad, he goes to live with his Abuela in Mexico. He's then diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, which is a cancerous bone tumor. His personality is really determined and motivated, which causes him to, you know, make the best of his situation. He does some research and finds the best doctor he can, to get treatment on his leg and ultimately live a normal life. 

That's obviously a lot of backround on a character. Was there anything specific you had to do to get into that mindset? Did you have to learn Spanish?

Well I'm actually of Cuban- and Spanish- decent, so I actually already did speak Spanish, but I think for the most part, it was a matter of me really wanting to get the story straight, in my head. So I asked a lot of questions, especially from the writers, who could tell me a lot about Jordi's past, and I could then visualize that. I wanted to fill out every detail, and have a clear vision of who he is in my mind. 

This show obviously deals with some Really Heavy Subject Matter. Was a specific part of that particularly grueling for you?

Well, I think the most obvious answer would be that I can't relate, myself, to having cancer. But I did have the opportunity to meet some kids who were going through some really difficult situations in different hospitals on the Red Band Tour. I think that provided me with the grounds of that seriousness that it's tempting to play when there's cancer involved, because of the heaviness of it, but kids just want to be kids. Even if you're in a tough situation, you're going to deal with it, and make the best of your situation.

I remember you guys telling me at the TCA's that Red Band Society isn't about the hospital, 
it's about the kids.

Yeah, exactly. It's just like any other show, it's about the people in it, whether it takes place in a police station, or in a school. This happens to take place in a hospital.

Well you may have just covered it, but if there was one thing you'd want people to know about this show that may not be immediately obvious to them, what would it be?

Red Band Society is not..yeah, Red Band Society is not a show about kids in their hospital beds. It's about teenagers growing up, and going through the normal strife of being a misunderstood teenager. Our backdrop just happens to be this hospital.

The hospital isn't the point.

 I mean obviously there's a reason we're there, because we're sick, and that's part of who we are, so that comes up. But it's doesn't matter where you are, as a teenager you're always going to want to live life and experience everything you can. I think that's what everyone's doing. At least in my experience.

I think you're right. Now that the hard-hitting journalism questions are out of the way, lets talk some lighter stuff. What's your favorite part of the pilot episode?

 I think my favorite part is when Leo (Charlie Rowe) talks to Charlie (Griffin Gluck)
and gives him his red band.

So that's the "Symbolic Moment".
It's a really touching scene, and he says this simple line to him, but it's emotional, and Charlie being the incredibly talented actor that he is makes it all the better. That's definitely my favorite.

If you could play any other character on the show, who would it be?
 If I could play any other....hmm. A doctor? That'd be cool.
Or is it Dash? Maybe Dash, because Dash is badass.  

That is true. That is very true.

That's a hard one. Actually I think I'm going to go with Dr. McAndrews,  just because he's - just from an actor's perspective - he's torn between two sides, and Dave does it so amazingly, I just want to see if I can do that. 

In nearly the same thought, the show is often described as "The Breakfast Club, set in a hospital". If you could be any Breakfast Club character, who would you choose?

Man, that's a tough one. Is it like...who I would be, or who I think it'd be fun to play?

Pick either. There's a wide open question right there.

Hmmmm *sounds of deep thinking* I think it's - is it Brian? I could be completely off. In a class, I actually did a scene from The Breakfast Club, and I can't remember what it is, but it was funny.

Hahahaha, okay, hang on, I have a list here, and Brian is The Brain.

Exactly! Brian.

You were super close.

Haha, yeah, that's who I'd want to play.

Speaking of your cast (well I was thinking about them), the premise of the show is you guys sort of coming together and becoming a family, and as a cast, you seem to have a lot of fun together. What do you guys do in your "time off"?

I think for me, well, for the guys, we just play video games. But then you know, when the girls are involved, we try to, you know, we play board games and go to concerts and stuff, but that's about the extent of what we do for fun. Otherwise we're just eating. 

Dude, food. I mean, last night when I was writing these questions for you, 
the entire first draft involved food.

Haha, really?

Indeed. Oh, and now here's a good one: what's your favorite moment from filming/hanging out on set, from..whenever. Any point, as long as it doesn't spoil anything.

Alright, well the most recent one was actually yesterday, and it was all thanks to little Griffin.  I guess Dave and Rebecca were on set shooting, along with Octavia. Charlie, Zoe,  Dave's wife, and I were all playing a board game in Dave's dressing room. All of a sudden, the trash can, the little small one in the hallway outside the door, just falls over. We're like "What? What was that?" and I think it was Charlie who walked over, and right when he gets to the doorframe, Griffin SCREAMS and jumps out at him. For some reason it was just ridiculously funny.

It's always the unexpected that's gonna get you. In your other life, besides RBS, you're pretty involved in music. If you were going to make a three song playlist to sum up the show, emotions, characters, anything, what would you put on it?

Ummmmmm. Trying to think, trying to think...I feel like I don't even know three songs now. Okay, here goes:

1. Free Falling - John Mayer 
2. Stay With Me - Sam Smith 
3....what's a cool up beat song?

I don't know, I can't think of a single song.

I know, all I can think of right now is like, food.

That might be slightly my fault.

A little. Joking. Okay, I think our like, theme song, should be "Come on Eileen". It doesn't really fit the show, but that's what we listen to when we're getting pumped up, so I'm gonna go with it.
 Charlie and I jam out to that song.

Got it. Playlist achieved. Okay, Lightning round questions, here we go. 
Instagram or twitter?

Good man. What's your favorite food?

Pizza! Right now.

Do you have a different favorite food when you're filming? 

Whatever my favorite food is at the moment. 

Favorite song to get ready to in the morning?
..........I don't listen to music when I get dressed.

Wait, really?

Yeah, that's like...distracting. It would take me forever to get dressed!

You know, that would explain a lot about how long it takes me to get ready in the morning.
Okay, last one: You said in an interview once that you would shave your hair off like Charlie did. Do you still stand by that?

Yeah! I was supposed to actually, but they changed it.  

Was that disappointing?

It's wasn't disappointing, I mean, I don't mind my hair, but you know, you gotta worry about it!
 If you shave it, you don't have to.

Trust me, I feel that more that you could possibly know. But I feel like a lot of your fans would be really sad if you shaved off your hair.

Come on, I promise it'd still be me guys!

Hahah I suppose that is true. Parting words: is there anything else you'd like everyone to know about you, your show, your cast, food? It's wide open for you.

 I guess..in the first two episodes, I get to play two songs that I wrote, so I'm going to try to release those soon, not by the first week, but maybe by like the third or fourth week of the show. As far as Red Band Society goes, I'm just really excited for everyone to see it. I think we're doing #RedBandSociety, and we're going to livetweet the premiere..you should live tweet with us.

Already planning on it.

Red Band Society premieres this Wednesday, September 17th at 9pm PT/ET on FOX. You can follow the show on twitter at @RedBandSociety, and Nolan at @Nolan_Sotillo.

x Justina

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